BMBF funding measure 'Regional expansion of China expertise in science (Regio-China)'

The Federal Government's China Strategy published in July 2023 devotes a separate sub-chapter to the topic of 'independent expertise on China'. It is identified as the key to strategic and far-sighted dealings with China. The development and expansion of independent expertise on China is a cross-cutting task. The Federal Government is encouraging the Länder, cities and municipalities, the private sector, science, universities and civil society to develop their expertise on China as well.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) sees itself as a central actor in this field and has already been promoting and supporting the development of expertise on China with various measures since 2016. The aim of the BMBF funding announcement 'Promotion of the regional expansion of China expertise in science (Regio-China)' is to disseminate and deepen China expertise in the German science landscape, both at individual institutions and, in addition, across institutions in a region. The focus of this measure is on imparting expertise on China in particular to management and administrative staff as well as scientists at German universities and research institutions.

Building on the known forms of transfer of expertise on China at individual locations in the German research and education landscape, the existing knowledge is to be deepened, expanded, shared and supplemented with new formats through exchange with other institutions. Where knowledge and experience are still lacking, these will jointly be built up.

Funded projects

Around 40 outlines were submitted to DLR Projektträger, the responsible project management agency for the call 'Regio-China'. A total of 11 projects and one accompanying project were selected and will each receive funding for three years in the period from 2023 to 2026.

Among other things, the accompanying project supports the desired close integration with other BMBF-funded projects and other important actors that contribute to the development of China expertise in Germany and Europe.

ChiKoN - Kiel HNC3 - Hamburg CCTC - Berlin Wi-Wi-Ko-China - Berlin/Bonn Wi-Wi-Ko-China - Berlin/Bonn Wi-Wi-Ko-China - Berlin/Bonn Wi-Wi-Ko-China - Berlin/Bonn C-NET RNR - Duisburg ENTRANCE - Aachen/Jülich ENTRANCE - Aachen/Jülich ChinaKomMitt - Marburg ChinaKooP - Jena ChinaHub - Bayreuth KoWinChi - Erlangen / Würzburg Yiqi - Chemnitz/Zwickau ChiKoBo - Konstanz Deutschlandkarte mit den geförderten Projekten der Regio China-Initiative des BMBF. Alle hier angezeigten Projekte werden unterhalb der Karte beschrieben. Die Karte enthält keine Informationen, die nicht auch im Text vorhanden sind.
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Projects (in alphabetical order of the acronym)