Projects of the BMBF-funding measure ‘Expansion of China expertise at German universities’

The political, economic and scientific significance of China is growing steadily. China is Germany's largest trading partner and is a key player in foreign policy. At the same time, the Chinese model of society and state is different from the German one.

Therefore, it is essential for successful cooperation with China that enough people in Germany know and understand China, that they have learned, studied, worked or lived there or that they can communicate in Chinese. Sufficient China expertise in Germany is a prerequisite for shaping bilateral relations in all areas according to Germany’s interests.

The 'China Strategy of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research 2015 to 2020’, which set the coherent framework for cooperation with China in research, innovation and education until the end of 2019, recommends the ‘Creation of a broader China competence in Germany' in Action Area 1. This is where the BMBF funding measure 'Innovative concepts for expanding China expertise at German universities', published in 2016, comes into play.

The funding measure aims to expand and strengthen German-Chinese cooperation in education and research and to increase the ability to act regarding scientific and economic exchange relations with China across all disciplines. China expertise is enhanced, for example, through imparting of language and cultural competence, workshops and training courses, measures in the field of student mobility, joint study programmes or courses with Chinese partner universities, interdisciplinary study programmes as well as cooperative doctorates. The concepts bundle the existing Chinese-related measures at the respective university, coordinate them and complement them with new tools.

Funded Projects 2017 to 2022

The funding measure 'Innovative concepts for expanding China expertise at German universities' evoked great interest within the German scientific landscape: the responsible project management agency received more than 80 project outlines. Of these, a total of eleven projects were selected, each receiving funding for three years between 2017 and 2022. Among the main topics covered by the projects are engineering and economics, natural and life sciences, as well as cultural studies and law. The measures target different groups of people at universities, in particular students, scientists and administrative staff.

CPS CDHAW – Kiel TUWITECH – Berlin TiCK – Paderborn TUC-China – Clausthal DoKoChi  – Dortmund MBM  – Marburg CuLTURE China  – Karlsruhe CuLTURE China  – Karlsruhe CHIKOH  – Hohenheim CHIKOH  – Hohenheim CCT  – Tübingen CHINATIV  – Ismaning QZCHK – Konstanz Map of China expertise centres at German universities. All listed centres are portrayed below. The map does not contain any information that is not also available in text format.
© map: / David Liuzzo, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED | modifications: DLR

Projects (in alphabetical order of the acronym)