Application Checklist

The International Bureau generally provides funding through calls for funding applications (”announcements”). Funding based on a funding announcement is governed by form and deadline requirements, which must be observed.

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This checklist provides you with a general overview - you can find specific information in the relevant announcements.

To the current announcements



Funding announcements are always published in the Federal Gazette and on the websites of the funding institutions involved. All current announcements relating to international education and research funding, which are managed by the International Bureau in the DLR Project Management Agency, are available under the menu item “Funding > Current announcements“.

These are generally the following measures:

  • Networking and targeting measures in the early phase of a collaboration
  • Project-related mobility funding
  • Strategic project funding

Check carefully whether you meet all the conditions. Especially the descriptions in the announcement under “Object of the funding”, “Grant recipient”, “Conditions of the grant” and “Submission of formal funding applications and decision process” are important here. These items vary for each announcement.

We recommend that you obtain advice from the specialised DLR Project Management Agency contact before submitting your planned application. This enables you to adapt your project draft more closely to the requirements and means that the chances of receiving funding can be better estimated.


Project draft

Present your design as a so-called “draft project”. Submit your draft project to the DLR Project Management Agency via pt(Outline*, the online tool for receiving draft projects. The relevant announcement will include a link to the online tool pt(Outline* with the right prior settings for the project.

Once you have logged on, you can create several drafts and submit them separately. Please note that for security reasons, you will be logged out of a “session” for editing a draft project after two hours.


Prepare application

All draft projects submitted will be evaluated by specialists. You will be notified in writing of the result of this evaluation. Please submit your formal application for funding via the online tool easy-Online. You will be sent the link to easy-Online in the request letter.

Create your application by formally describing your project. Please remember to attach all further documents requested in the announcement.

  • AZA (grants based on expenses) for universities and institutions creating costings based on expenses
  • AZK (grants based on costs) for commercial companies, Helmhotz Centres, Franhofer Institutes

Applicants who are companies must also submit documents as evidence of their creditworthiness.

The „Box of Forms“ of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) contains all important guidelines and templates, such as the ancillary provisions for applications for the different types of funding.

Please observe the requirements for the applications to ensure timely processing.


Submit application

The full application consists of two parts: a project description and a formal application, which must be created via easy-Online. The application must be signed by an authorised signatory. A simple copy of the documents must now be sent by post. They cannot be sent by fax.

After the application has been formally submitted and processed, you will receive a grant notice and can start implementing the objectives of your project.


Ongoing projects

You can find forms, such as information on the payment recipient, ancillary agreements, and reports (interim reports, final reports) under General templates and report templates.