Quality Management

The DLR Project Management Agency, of which the International Bureau is a part, has established a quality management system that focuses on constant service improvement and guarantees consistent quality for its clients irrespective of the location of the work units.

Logo ISO 9001

The quality management system has been certified in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1998, is inspected annually during an annual audit, and guarantees reliable operations at the DLR Project Management Agency.

The quality management system fosters constructive cooperation within the DLR Project Management Agency, as quality is the sum of cooperation and the contributions made by all staff. It embodies all the processes that focus on defining, maintaining and improving the quality of the services provided by the Project Management Agency. It focuses on the continuous improvement of services through total quality management (TQM) with the aim of transferring the processing of complex procedures to self-monitoring quality loops.

More information on the DLR Project Management Agency website.