Advice on Submitting Applications

The International Bureau provides interested parties and applicants with information on project funding, accepts applications and supports projects until completion. On this page, we have compiled information on submitting applications.

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What is funded?

The funded projects must generally be carried out in Germany.

Who can submit an application for funding?

Universities, non-academic research institutions and other institutions making contributions to research, as well as commercial companies headquartered in Germany – particularly small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can submit applications – if their project matches the purpose of the grant and they meet the grant conditions set out in the relevant funding announcement.

Research institutions that receive basic federal and state funding are only entitled to receive project funding above and beyond their basic financing for their additional expenses project-related expenditure or costs under certain circumstances.

The applicants must provide evidence that they have the required specialist qualifications and sufficient staff and material capacities to implement the project.

What does funding consist of?

Funding is paid out in non-repayable grants.

  • Funding for commercial companies is calculated based on the eligible, project-related costs which are generally financed up to 50 percent.
  • Funding for universities and research institutions is calculated based on the eligible, project-related costs which are generally financed up to 100 percent.

How are applications submitted?

We recommend that you obtain advice from the specialised DLR Project Management Agency contact before submitting your planned application. This enables you to adapt your project draft more closely to the requirements and means that the chances of receiving funding can be better estimated.

You can find the details of the relevant specialised contact in the announcement text. If you have any questions on the electronic application system easy (easy-Online), please get in touch with the administrative contact.

Once you have submitted your draft project via the online tool pt(Outline*, you will be requested to submit a formal application if your draft passes this level. Applications for project funding must be submitted in writing on the relevant templates, which you can find on the online platform "Electronic application system easy" (easy-Online) alongside the relevant guidelines. Additional information on the process is also available in the “Application checklist”.

Easy-Online - The application/offer process

The electronic application system easy (easy-Online) simplifies project funding applications by enabling the user to create and print out applications (forms AZA, AZK und AZV) on their screens. In addition to an integrated help function, easy-Online also offers you further information such as guidelines, information sheets, notes and ancillary requirements. Please exclusively submit applications via the electronic application system so that you can be sure that you are using the right form.

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