• Deutsch-Japanische Forschungsallianz zur Biophotonik

    German-Japanese Research Alliance for Biophotonics

    The Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Technology (IPT) and the Tokyo Women’s Medical University are jointly establishing an Innovation Lab and a Competence Centre. Activities of the BMBF funded research alliance revolve around OCT, an imaging technology used to visualise the structures of optical scattering media.

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  • Gemeinschaftslabor zur Erforschung entzündlicher Nervenerkrankungen

    Joint laboratory for research on neuroinflammatory diseases

    A BMBF funded German-Japanese project of the Charité Berlin and Chiba University is establishing a research database and biorepository for patients with autoimmune diseases of the central nervous system and is setting up a neuroimaging laboratory.


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  • ANICANET Projektteilnehmer unterhalten sich in ländlicher Umgebung © Dr. Martin Petrick  IAMO

    Network projects examine agricultural reforms in Central Asia

    Which forms of land management combine economy and sustainability? Researchers from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are investigating this question in two BMBF funded cooperation projects coordinated from Germany.

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  • Klinische Forschung in Vietnam

    Centre of Excellence for Medical Research on Infectious Diseases

    As the mobility of the world’s population is increasing, the globalisation of knowledge about infectious diseases is constantly growing as well.  A BMBF funded Vietnamese-German centre of excellence conducts medical research in this area, both in Vietnam and the ASEAN region.

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Green Talents 2020


Green Talents 2020 on a virtual tour in Germany

Outstanding green visionaries from all over the world will meet Germany’s sustainability research elite during the first virtual science tour.

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Titelseite des 2. APRA Monitoring-Bercihts

© DLR-PT, Fraunhofer ISI, GIGA, DAAD

Second report on 'Monitoring the Asian-Pacific Research Area (APRA)' with focus on China published

Following the release of the first report in May 2019, the current publication is the second comprehensive inventory of research development in selected Asian and Pacific countries.

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SRNSFG team of twinning project “Supporting inter-sectoral collaboration possibilities between Research and Industry” 2020

© European Commission

EU Twinning Project with Georgia launched

An EU-funded twinning project with Georgia was launched on 1 April 2020. The 'Supporting inter-sectoral collaboration possibilities between Research and Industry' project aims to overcome the lack of cooperation between science and business in Georgia by enhancing the capacity of the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia (SRNSFG).

> more: EU Twinning Project with Georgia launched.