• Deutsch-Japanische Forschungsallianz zur Biophotonik

    German-Japanese Research Alliance for Biophotonics

    The Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Technology (IPT) and the Tokyo Women’s Medical University are jointly establishing an Innovation Lab and a Competence Centre. Activities of the BMBF funded research alliance revolve around OCT, an imaging technology used to visualise the structures of optical scattering media.

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  • Klinische Forschung in Vietnam

    Centre of Excellence for Medical Research on Infectious Diseases

    As the mobility of the world’s population is increasing, the globalisation of knowledge about infectious diseases is constantly growing as well.  A BMBF funded Vietnamese-German centre of excellence conducts medical research in this area, both in Vietnam and the ASEAN region.

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  • Gemeinschaftslabor zur Erforschung entzündlicher Nervenerkrankungen

    Joint laboratory for research on neuroinflammatory diseases

    A BMBF funded German-Japanese project of the Charité Berlin and Chiba University is establishing a research database and biorepository for patients with autoimmune diseases of the central nervous system and is setting up a neuroimaging laboratory.


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  • Biodiveritätsforschung in Vietnam © Museum für Naturkunde /  Bernhard Schurian

    Innovative approaches to biodiversity discovery and characterisation

    Biodiversity-hotspots are mostly found in developing and emerging countries within the tropical and subtropical zone. Our knowledge about the species richness of those countries is still sketchy to date. A BMBF funded project trains young Vietnamese scientists in innovative approaches to biodiversity discovery and characterisation.

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screenshot website


New website on EU-China cooperation in Personalised Medicine

The Sino-EU PerMed project (Widening Sino-EU Policy and Research Cooperation in Personalised Medicine) fosters the cooperation between Europe and China in Personalised Medicine. Today, the project  presents its brand new website. It will provide interested parties with information about the project and links to additional EU activities in the field of personalised medicine.

> more: New website on EU-China cooperation in Personalised Medicine.

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Green Talents 2020 Logo

Green Talents 2020 © DLR

Submission period for sustainability research award open until 19 May

Become a Green Talent, promote your research in Germany and benefit from an exclusive network of excellent green researchers. The goal of sustainable development is to find a balance between the need for socio-economic development and the need to preserve the environment, and to thus meet the requirements of present and future generations.

> more: Submission period for sustainability research award open until 19 May.

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Gruppe mit rotem Banner zur Bekämpfung des Coronavirus © Shanghai Pudong News Area Mental Heath Center, China

© Shanghai Pudong New Area Mental Health Center

Coronavirus: BMBF alumni network provides support for psychological crisis intervention in China

The global spread of the corona virus also has psychosocial consequences which already become visible in China. DCHAN members are analysing these and working on solutions to deal with them whilst supporting  the people affected. The project enables bilateral exchange between German and Chinese experts and grants access to experience in China. It can thus make an important contribution to dealing with the current crisis, which will benefit Germany as well.

> more: Coronavirus: BMBF alumni network provides support for psychological crisis intervention in China.