German-Australian Centre for Electrochemical Technologies for the Storage of Renewable Energy

Efficient and cost-effective storage systems are key to the sustainable expansion of renewable energy. Both partner countries pursue ambitious goals in increasing the share of non-fossil energy sources in the power supply. Australia offers a high potential in the renewable energy sector and is particularly focusing on hydrogen research and implementation. The Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technologies and the University of New South Wales are at the forefront of battery storage systems. The expertise of both partners will be pooled in the jointly run centre to develop innovative technologies for energy storage.


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Globally, energy systems are undergoing a transformation period towards renewable sources such as wind power and photovoltaic which are fluctuating in space and time in supply. The build-up of the grid-system can partly resolve this challenge, another crucial aspect is the development of energy storage systems. Electro-chemical storage systems have turned out to be the most efficient and cost-effective solutions in the latter sector. In here, the research focus is laid in the Australian-German Centre.

Laboraufbau einer Redox Flow Batterie

Lab set-up of a redox-flow-battery to store renewable energies © Walter Mayrhofer | Fraunhofer

Project and Objectives

The goals of the 1st project phase (2017-2019) were successfully accomplished, i.e.

  • setting up of the infrastructure in Sydney,
  • development of a business plan for the centre,
  • elaboration of a research road map,
  • clarification of the legal status of the research group and finalization of the general agreement,
  • fostering network activities and
  • jointly supervising young scientist.

In addition, the partners have successfully applied for funds with the Australian Research Council.

Research Structure Aspects

In the consolidation phase (2019-2022), the joint research and network activity, the academic exchange and the preparation of new projects will be continued and strengthened. A financial plan for the sustainable operation of the centre will be elaborated. The research presence will lead to an enhanced visibility of innovative German research work in Australia. This, in turn, will attract commercial partners to look for hands-on solutions for their technical problems. Overall, the growing market for renewables in Australia will stimulate research and innovations for electrochemical technologies for the storage of renewable energy.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie (ICT)
Angewandte Elektochemie
Prof. Dr. Jens Tübke
Tel.: +49 721 4640 0

Contact person in Australia
University of New South Wales
School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering | Energy Storage and Refrigeration Research Laboratory
Dr. Chris Menictas
Tel.: +61 2 9385 6269

Funded in the context of the BMBF funding programme to establish joint research structures of German institutions with partners in the Asia-Pacific Research Area (APRA). more about APRA cooperation