BM-AXIS – Bonn-Melbourne Academy for Excellence in ImmunoSciences/Infection

The universities of Bonn and Melbourne are internationally acclaimed research centres focusing on immunology and infectious diseases. Long-standing thematic cooperations led to the establishment of a DFG funded international graduate school with joint PhD programme in 2016. Building an Academy of Excellence constitutes the next step in consolidating the partnership in research and teaching.

Projektbeteiligte in einem gelben Tunnel

BM-AXIS Team © Johanna Breuer / Uni Bonn


Immunology is an overarching issue to all clinical disciplines. Mechanisms in the immune system do not only play an important role in infections but also in all inflammatory diseases. Our knowledge about immunology is still sketchy. To enhance our understanding is important, particularly in regard to the increasing resistance towards microbes in antibiotic. This initiative bundles the expertise in Bonn and Melbourne in immunology to foster research and clinical translation in this field.

Project and Objectives

The goals of the 1st project phase (2017-2019) were successfully accomplished, i.e.

  • setting up an organisational structure and the establishment of coordination offices in Bonn and Melbourne,
  • fostering network activities between the partners,
  • exchanging scientists between both universities and to offer joint lectures.
BM-AXIS Beteiligte bei im Gespräch auf einer Messe

BM-AXIS im Dialog © Johanna Breuer / Uni Bonn

Aspects of Research Structure

The consolidation phase (2019-2022) aims, for example, at further expanding the exchange of scientists and enlarging the portfolio of jointly offered lectures in Melbourne. To enhance the visibility and the sustainability of the research presence particular emphasis is put on joint research and publications.

In the last year of funding the partners will elaborate on a joint research program. Additionally, the project will initiate clinical studies using the opportunities on both sides to access big data sets of patients. Research in this field offers special rewards in the scientific community.

Universität Bonn | Medizinische Fakultät
und Universitätsklinikum
Institut für Experimentelle Immunologie
Prof. Dr. Christian Kurts
Tel.: +49 228 287 11050

Contact person in Australia
University of Melbourne | Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Doherty Institute Infection and Immunity
Prof. Dr. Sammy Bedoui
Tel.: +61 3 8344 9911

Funded in the context of the BMBF funding programme to establish joint research structures of German institutions with partners in the Asia-Pacific Research Area (APRA). more about APRA cooperation