Rosenheimer Center of Excellence (CoE) for Advanced Building Technologies

The goal of the project is the implementation of new technologies and construction techniques corresponding to Malaysian requirements, by conceptional design and establishment of a research and development centre for advanced and energy-efficient building – the Rosenheim CoE for Advanced Building Technologies.

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In order to maintain an intensive and lasting relationship with Malaysia, building-specific products of both German and Malaysian companies are to be coordinated and aligned with the Malaysian climate. In addition, the optimal application of regenerative sources of energy will be explored. At the same time, all measures will be assessed from an ecological and primary energy viewpoint.

Scientific Background

Malaysia’s tropical and humid climate causes a significant need for research in the areas of construction parts and building technology. For assessing the building, the building shell and building technology are subject to the following parameters, which will be measured and evaluated:

  1. measurement of air temperature, humidity and air speed -- with comfort being the catchword;
  2. measurement of surface temperature, moisture of structural components and the flows of energy (heat flows);
  3. investigation of the building orientation and the form of solar shading;
  4. measurement of the building technology’s energy consumption (e.g., air conditioner).

Project and Objectives

By utilizing the (not yet established) CoE for Advanced Building Technologies, the assessment and design of building shells and building technology for subtropical climates are to be undertaken. The findings from the measurements and the research results will allow the utilized products – or the new products from German companies – to be further developed, adapted and optimized. This and further applied research projects and applied development projects should be conducted together with the Universiti Kuala Lumpur, in which the scientific direction can be assumed by the Rosenheim University, as well as by the Universiti Kuala Lumpur. In coordination with the project partners, diverse issues related to building for Southeast Asian climate conditions are to be dealt with in various work packages:

  • identification and determination of constructional and technical requirements for building in Southeast Asian climate conditions
  • development of a utilization concept
  • compilation of local requirements for building technology
  • preparation of metrological concepts
  • preparation of an online-tool for data evaluation
  • adaptation of measurement results to building products

Aspects of Research Structure

Building on the existent transfer of knowledge established by Rosenheim University’s degree programme in energy-efficient building in Malaysia, a development centre will strengthen and consolidate the collaboration between German universities and Southeast Asian research facilities. At this centre, research projects will be carried out and classrooms for the joint courses will be created at the same time. The created research infrastructure will enable German companies to test their products on-site.

Funded in the context of the BMBF funding programme to establish joint research structures of German universities with partners in APRA. More information on APRA.