Indo-German Science and Technology Centre (IGSTC)

Research and innovation strive to find convincing answers to the great challenges of the 21st century. This can only be achieved by a close international cooperation of science and industry. Therefore, both India and Germany aim to steadily expand their scientific and technological cooperation as a pillar of their strategic partnership. The "Indo-German Science and Technology Centre" (IGSTC) is expected to significantly contribute to this process.

In 2010, the IGSTC was launched with the inauguration of an office south of Delhi. Additionally, there is a project office in Bonn. By funding joint application-oriented research projects and workshops, the IGSTC has since become an important and visible pillar of German-Indian cooperation. Funded topics are focused around engineering and natural sciences.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) of the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) provide up to € 4 million each year to support research projects. The strategic alignment of the IGSTC is set out by a 10-member Governing Board with representatives from politics, academia and industry.

Funding opportunities

2 + 2 programme:

"2 + 2 projects" are research and development (R&D) projects involving at least one German and one Indian research institution and at least one German and one Indian research industrial partner. About once a year, the IGSTC publishes a call for proposals in a specific thematic area, which changes every year.


The IGSTC promotes the organisation of workshops on topics of mutual interest in order to create networks and platforms that will further strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the field of research and innovation. The workshops take place either in Germany or India. Preference will be given to applications demonstrating the potential for further joint activities. Training workshops or meetings of only two research institutions will usually not be funded.

Goals of the IGSTC

  • Promote Indo-German cooperation in basic and applied science, research and technology through key interactions between government, academia and industry
  • Take a proactive role to encourage increased industry involvement in joint R&D projects
  • Develop knowledge networks for industrial sectors to enhance competitiveness
  • Provide and disseminate information on opportunities for bilateral cooperation in science and technology
  • Organise workshops, seminars, and other events on topics of mutual interest
  • Encourage public-private partnerships (PPPs) to foster elements of innovation and application and nurture a culture of collaboration between science and industry
  • Cultivate contacts between young and experienced scientists and technologists to develop mutual trust, leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Support or carry out other jointly agreed future activities