Alumni Network Germany – Korea (ADeKo)

The Alumni Network Germany – Korea (ADeKo) focuses on strengthening German-Korean relations in the fields of science, technology, business, politics and culture.

German President Gauck speaks at the Conference in Seoul

German President Joachim Gauck at the German-Korean Science Conference 2015 in Seoul © DAAD

It is the world’s biggest network of Korean alumni who have lived, studied or conducted research in Germany and currently encompasses 48 organisations. The network supports and bundles the interests of the alumni associations in Korea and was created for Koreans with experience of Germany. Most of the associations are regional or university-based, and ADeKo also represents them externally as a kind of umbrella organisation. ADeKo also aims to raise the profile of German science and research in South Korea. ADeKo is funded in connection with the target field “Strengthen research cooperation with the world’s best” in the federal government’s internationalisation strategy and the “Networking and Transfer” pillar of the federal government’s high-tech strategy.

The members of ADeKo’s board include – by virtue of their office – the German ambassador, the President of the DAAD, Korea’s former prime minister Kim Hwang-Sik and other high-ranking political and scientific representatives of Korea. They have a decisive influence on ADeKo’s profile. ADeKo currently has around 7,000 members, tendency rising. It officially became a registered society (e.V.) on 8 March 2013, and since the beginning of 2015, has largely funded itself by sponsorship and membership dues.

Added value of international cooperation

The ADeKo umbrella organisation brings together Korean alumni with experience of Germany, thus raising its profile in the country. Its reputation is enhanced even further by high-ranking events such as the annual German-Korean Science Conference that also attract attention in Germany.

ADeKo organises various regular events:

  • Annual conference (every year in Autumn)
  • Science Circle / Talk & Music Series
  • ADeKo Young Alumni Night
  • German (Summer) Night

Since 2010, ADeKo has organised a science conference on a specific topic that takes place every year in autumn and attracts strong sociopolitical involvement from both Germany and Korea. The number of participants rises every year; in 2015, there were more than 600. The ADeKo conference now attracts considerable attention from the Korean press.

The 8th Joint Korean-German Conference titled „Engineering for our Future“ is organised by ADeko and will take place at the International Congress Center in Dresden from 16th to 18th November 2016. The Joint Korean-German Conference is one of the most important events in German-Korean cooperation. Until 2015 it was held in Korea. From 2016 onwards it will alternately take place in Germany and Korea. In past years the conferences attracted up to 500 participants.

You will find more information on the ADeKo-website and on Facebook.


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