Project PVT‐RESyst (2018)

Adaptation of photovoltaic thermal collectors to increase the share of renewable energy for heating, cooling and electricity generation in building supply systems: Potential and challenges of novel PVT technology and its market introduction in Egypt

Project management

Dr. Tarek Metwally Khalil, German University in Cairo, Egypt
in cooperation with
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Mollenkopf (Emeritus), HFT Stuttgart
(new contact person see below)

Project description

The typical construction of buildings in Egypt is characterised by insufficient thermal insulation, especially of their roofs. The Egyptian building sector is dominated by split systems for heating and cooling purposes, which means that hot water systems are not common. There was a need to develop, test and demonstrate new technical solutions that are easy to install and adapted to Egyptian conditions (market and climate).

Within the framework of the German-Egyptian cooperation project PVT-RESyst, an innovative energy supply system based on photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) hybrid collectors was developed for the Egyptian housing sector. It is capable of significantly reducing the primary energy demand in the residential sector and increasing the share of renewable energies in the Egyptian building sector.

Mini cooler installation © Prof. Dr. Ursula Eicker, HFT

A demonstration building was constructed on the campus of the German University in Cairo (GUC), whose system provides energy for heating, cooling, hot water demand and electricity, while being sustainable, cost-effective and adapted to Egyptian conditions. The system and the energy-optimised demonstration building thus lay the foundations for the transfer of energy-efficient construction and energy technology measures to the Egyptian market.

A detailed documented simulation guide was developed to help the project work continue smoothly. External researchers are to be enabled to use the demo building of the GUC as a research real-laboratory.


Dr. Tarek Metwally Khalil
German University in Cairo, Egypt

Dipl.-Ing. Dietrich Schneider
HFT  Stuttgart, Germany