China in focus – new website of the Sino-German Innovation Platform

The new Internet presence of the Sino-German Innovation Platform (SGIP) presents itself in a contemporary design and with an expanded scope of information. At its centre are highly topical news on the bilateral innovation cooperation. The new website offers interviews with experts, current information from Germany and China as well as information on upcoming events and links to further information.

Screenshot der neue Webseite

New SGIP website © DLR

In December 2018, the SGIP Expert Group published its 4th "Policy Brief" collection. It discusses topical issues of bilateral innovation cooperation, such as the internal Chinese debate on innovation capacity or the reforms in basic research. In their contributions, the members of the expert group highlight developments and courses of action for Germany. In addition, they offer an update on the Chinese Cyber ​​Security Act.

With its well-defined structure, the new SGIP website provides a quick overview of the latest trends and background information on the German-Chinese innovation cooperation. Links to further China information portals and relevant institutions in Germany will expand the website's scope in the near future. From 2019 onwards, the SGIP  will publish a newsletter in German language, which you can sign up to by sending an e-mail to the SGIP organisation office at Online registration will also be possible in the future.

Background information: Sino-German Innovation Platform

The SGIP is a forum established in 2011. Its aim is to facilitate dialogue on current developments in both innovation systems and a discussion of future approaches in innovation policy. As a meta-platform, it provides a forum for dialogue on the framework conditions of bilateral innovation cooperation and the exploration of topics for the future. Experiences are shared and common challenges are discussed. On the German side, the platform also has the task of bringing together China-related innovation expertise and commenting on current developments that are relevant to German parties.

Leading scientists, institutions and companies from both countries participate in the innovation platform. A German-Chinese expert group advises on the format of the innovation platform from a specialist perspective and is at the centre of ongoing dialogue.

The SGIP is making an important contribution to the cross-agency Sino-German innovation partnership.