The Access2Canada project was initiated when it became clear that German and European researchers are not well enough informed about available funding opportunities in Canadian research and innovation programmes. The aim of the project is to increase the participation of European researchers in these funding programmes. All project activities are divided into four work packages.



Project title: Supporting EU Access to Canadian Research and Innovation Programmes
Website: //
Funding from the EU: €499,714
Project start: September 2009
Duration: 36 months
Contact at the European Commission: Philippe Froissard
Project coordinator: Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea (APRE)
Contact at the IB: Patrick Ziegler


Role of the International Bureau

The International Bureau of the BMBF (IB) is in charge of Work Package 2 and is also actively involved in the other three work packages. The central task in Work Package 2 is to organize and carry out information events about participation opportunities for German and other European researchers under Canadian research programmes.
The IB is coordinating the development of a joint web portal for all 11 Access4EU projects ( and is actively involved in the working groups for the development of a joint funding database and a joint dissemination strategy.


1/2 October 2010 – Kick-off meeting in Rome
7 December 2010 – Benchmarking workshop: Promoting Canadian-European S&T Cooperation

Project status and interim results

Project start: 1 September 2009

Activities planned until July 2010

18 February 2010 – official launch of the website

All project activities are divided into four work packages (WPs):

WP1 – "Opportunities and obstacles to accessing Canadian research and innovation programmes"

  • Take stock of Canadian funding programmes that are open to researchers from EU countries
  • Compile and analyse access conditions
  • Review bilateral R&D agreements
  • Produce an annually updated roadmap about programmes, calls for proposals and bilateral agreements


WP2 – Awareness raising & dissemination

  • Draw European researchers’ attention to funding opportunities within Canadian research and innovation programmes
  • Support European researchers’ participation in these programmes through targeted information and advice

WP3 - Monitoring EU participation and feedback to EC and JSTCC

  • Gather information on / monitor the participation of EU researchers in Canadian research and innovation programmes
  • Report back to the European Commission and issue recommendations that can be used in negotiations about STC agreements
  • Observe changes in access conditions for European researchers who want to participate in Canadian funding programmes during the course of the project
  • Develop proposals on how European–Canadian cooperation in research and innovation can be improved

WP4 – Management

  • Coordination of the activities in the Access2Canada project and project management