• Weltkarte

    International cooperation in education and research

    Here you will find information about cooperation with selected partner countries in the fields of education, research and innovation in which the International Bureau was involved.

  • Logo Research in Germany

    International campaign for the city of the future

    Urban population is growing globally and with this, the challenges are increasing: the rising consumption of energy and resources, the increasing need to adapt urban infrastructure and develop new urban mobility systems and much more.

  • Forscher und Forscherin entnehmen Stammzellen aus Tank

    Survival of stem cells in long-term storage

    In regenerative medicine, stem cells offer great opportunities, because they are immunologically well-tolerated and can be obtained without ethical restrictions. Critical are here the high costs of long-term storage.

  • Eine Gruppe Forschender im Labor

    New anti-cancer medication: Landomycin A

    According to a forecast by the WHO, cancer will be one of the main reasons for disease-related deaths globally in 2015. As a result the development of new chemotherapeutic treatments is therefore particularly important.

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Monitor, Pad und Smartphone mit Screen der Website

User-friendly and modern

On November 20th 2015 the new website of the „International Bureau“ was relaunched. The visual appearance is now redesigned, the entire content is updated including an optimized structure and added categories, such as the section “Consulting”.

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Cover KfW quick guide

Quick guide to the KfW Development Bank

This guide (in German) was compiled as part of the support scheme Assistance for Implementation (AIM) commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and is directed at people who are working on technical and conceptual solutions for developing and emerging countries as part of R&D projects funded by the BMBF.

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Cover der Publikation

New publication: Promoting Innovation in Australia

Project funding, which is the main form of research funding in Germany, plays a much smaller role in Australia. However, the country has almost 30 years of experience with various models of tax deductions for Research and Development.

> more: New publication: Promoting Innovation in Australia.