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German-Russian laboratory is researching shallow water ecosystems

What are the impacts of human intervention and changes to the climate on ecosystems such as the Baltic Sea? This is one of the questions investigated by the Ulrich-Schiewer Laboratory for Experimental Aquatic Ecology (USElab).

USElab was founded in Rostock and St. Petersburg in 2011, and the project was completed successfully at the end of April 2015.

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  • Website COGERIL on German-Israeli Research Cooperation

    The International Bureau has relaunched the webiste to mark the scientific start of the anniversary '50 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Israel and Germany'.
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  • ASEAN-EU Science, Technology and Innovation Days 2015

    The ASEAN-EU Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Days 2015 take place in Paris from 17-19 March 2015 (
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  • First "Turkey Autumn" in Cologne

    Lord Mayor Roters opens "Turkey Week" with University Chancellor Dr. Stückradt and Herrn Metzger of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
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  • Results of the Africa days of the BMBF

    After the success of the Africa days of the BMBF which took place in Berlin from March 16 to March 18, the results of the conference are now available. Besides some impressions on film, the results of the Africa days can now be downloaded in form of a brochure.
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  • Science bridging nations – the people behind the Science Network

    Introduce yourself, share ideas, create new partnerships and stay in touch! You are invited to introduce yourself, your institution and your field of research to other scientists from Germany, Turkey and other countries.
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  • Further News

    Here you can find more articles, press releases, etc. about events and activities of the International Bureau.
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