ERAfrica - Developing African-European Joint Collaboration for Science and Technology

The intensification and coordination of the research policy cooperation between the EU and Africa is one of the main aims of the ERA.NET with Africa (ERAfrica), which has been funded as part of the 7th EU-Framework Programme for Research by the EU-Commission since December 2010 for a period of three years.


Within the framework of the Federal Government’s strategy on the internationalisation of science and research, Germany makes an effective contribution to strengthen its role as an important cooperation partner in the fight against global challenges and to establish itself as a partner of future new science and knowledge centres in developing countries. A further aim of the ERAfrica – the first ERA.NET with African participation – besides the establishment of an adequate framework for the strategic cooperation is the long-term development of joint research funding instruments in the bilateral/ multilateral cooperation between Europe and Africa, e.g. the preparation and implementation of joint announcements as well as strengthening Africa’s research capabilities.

On behalf of the BMBF the International Bureau participates along with other 11 European and African partners in the ERA.NET with Africa, which is funded with approximately 2 million Euro by the 7th EU-FP. Currently, ministries and organisations of the research funding from 12 countries are taking part: 7 EU-member states (Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Austria, Portugal, Spain), 3 African states (Egypt, Kenya, South Africa), Switzerland and Turkey.

Project structure

ERAfrica is divided into five work packages (WP) being developed by the end of the project’s duration and each being coordinated by different partners:

  • WP 1: Development of analysis, monitoring and review activities in the area of science and technology in Europe and Africa (Leader of WP: TEM, Finland)
  • WP 2: Promoting the exchange of information between Europe and Africa, mobilising other project partners (Leader of WP: DST, South Africa)
  • WP 3: Development of a strategy for joint funding activities (Leader of WP: MHESR, Egypt)
  • WP 4: Implementation and evaluation of joint activities (Leader of WP: DLR Project Management Agency, Germany)
  • WP 5: Project organisation and management (Leader of WP: IRD, France)