International Funding Initiative ENRICH in the USA

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The international funding initiative ENRICH in the USA (European Network of Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs in the USA) acted as a central contact point for European research and innovation actors seeking to grow and reinforce collaboration in the USA. The initiative started in April 2017 and ended in December 2023.

ENRICH was the European Network of Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs. Promoted by the European Commission through Horizon 2020, the ENRICH Network offered services to connect European research, technology and business organisations with three global frontrunner innovation markets: Brazil, China and the USA. Detailed information on the organisational structure of ENRICH can be found on the ENRICH website.

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ENRICH in the USA established a Network of European Research and Innovation Centres throughout the United States of America. ENRICH USA acted as a central contact point for European research and innovation actors seeking to grow and reinforce collaboration across the Atlantic.

The mission of the Network was to provide standardised as well as tailor-made, research & innovation internationalisation support services to European researchers and innovators, to accelerate access to the US market, and maximise chances of success.

Services targeted various, commercially viable technology maturity levels and included for example the Entrepreneurial Skills Development Program (ESDP) for researchers in the early stages of commercialisation, Match&Pitch events, online trainings, hot desks, immersion programes, EU road trips, fundings summit, J-1 soft landing and more. Detailed information on calls of ENRICH in the USA can be found underENRICH calls.

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The ENRICH in the USA Network included the following entities:

  • 3 physical ENRICH in the USA Centres:
    • San Francisco Centre
    • Boston Centre
    • Washington D.C. Centre
  • 7 Associate Hubs across the US:
    • Manufacturing & Logistics Landing Hub in Atlanta (GA),
    • Agricultural Technologies & Plant Sciences Landing Hub in St. Louis (MO),
    • Biotechnology Philadelphia Landing Hub in Philadelphia (PA),
    • Food and Beverage Landing Hub in Minneapolis-SaintPaul (MN),
    • Smart City Landing Hub in Dalles (TX),
    • Photonics Landing Hub in Rochster (NY),
    • Advanced Manufacturing Landing Hub in Niagra Falls/Buffalo (NY).

US map with ENRICH in The USA hubs and centres© INTRASOFT/ EAEC / Temple University

60 associated partners in the EU and US supported the ENRICH in the USA Network.

If you have any questions regarding ENRICH in the USA, please get in touch with one of the contact persons (see contact box on the right).