5th Selection Session of the European Interest Group Japan

On 1-2 October 2019, the fifth European Interst Group Japan (EIG CONCERT-Japan) selection meeting will take place, this time in Vilnius, organised by the Lithuanian partner MITA - Agency for Science, Innovation & Technology . The main topic of the 5th joint call was 'Smart Water Management for Sustainable Societies'.

1 - 2 October 2019 | Vilnius, Lithuania

Besides Japan and Germany, eight other European funding institutions will be participating. In the Scientific Committee Meeting (SC), a panel of scientific experts will evaluate the project outlines and make recommendations for funding. The subsequent Forum of Funders Meeting (FOF) will make a final selection and also discuss the topic of the next call in 2020.

Since the end of 2014, partners of the former EU projects CONCERT-Japan and JEUPISTE have come together to consolidate the cooperation within the framework of a so-called European Interest Group Japan (EIG CONCERT-Japan). It builds on the experiences, analyses and networks of these EU projects.

The EIG's most important task is the implementation of an annual multilateral joint call for proposals. Previous call topics included Photonics (2015), Food Crops and Biomass Production Technologies (2016), Efficient Energy Storage and Distribution (2017), and Functional Porous Materials (2018).


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