New INDIGO - Initiative for the Development and Integration of Indian and European Research

The ERA-NET New INDIGO aimed to reduce the fragmentation of the European Research Area with India by increasing coordination between national research programmes across the EU Members, Associated States and India. ERA-NET actions allowed Member States, Associated States and third countries to avoid overlap between their programmes. The ERA-NET's actions resulted in concrete cooperation, such as programme networking, and the mutual opening and implementation of joint programmes and activities.


New INDIGO is being funded by the European Commission for a duration of four years, starting from January 2009.

Structure of the project

New INDIGO has been divided into five work packages below with the concern to progress in a harmonized and coherent way in the course of the project:

  • WP 1 Management (CNRS / CSIR)
    Project organisation and -management
  • WP 2 Enhancing interactions of European and Indian Research (TÜBITAK)
    Providing the tools and actions to consolidate the presently rather informal or loose networks existing in EU-India S&T cooperation
  • WP 3 Preparing the Networking Pilot Program (NPP) (IB (DLR) / DBT)
    Preparation and implementation of a joint call (Networking Pilot Program - NPP)
  • WP 4 Evaluation, Monitoring and Foresight (ZSI)
    Organising the evaluation and monitoring processes within New INDIGO
  • WP 5 Communication (FCT)
    Raising awareness for the S&T potential with a view to boost the cooperation between EU and India