Meeting of the European Interest Groups (EIG) with Korea and Japan

More than 50 representatives of funding institutions from Europe, Korea and Japan have been invited to the meeting of the European Interest Groups (EIG) with Korea and Japan in The Hague. They will discuss future multilateral funding aspects as well as mechanisms and instruments of multilateral cooperation and develop an EIG-roadmap for the upcoming years.

15 - 16 February 2017 | The Hague

The DLR Project Management Agency is one of the partners in the FP7 funded BILAT projects KONNECT (Korea) and JEUPISTE (Japan). The establishment of a European Interest Group (EIG) was one of the expected outcomes for each of the projects.

In both BILAT projects (which will be concluded this spring) the question occurred how the future of bi-lateral and multi-lateral cooperation on a policy level can be assured by establishing and sustaining continuous policy dialogue between the main STI stakeholders from both the EU Member States and Korea resp. Japan (such as research institutions, funding institutions, policy agencies, etc.).

The discussion evolved around the establishment of a joint call secretariat. The cooperation with Japan built on the predecessor project CONCERT Japan, which had successfully  implemented such a call secretariat.

What is a European Interest Group (EIG)?

An EIG is an EU Member State driven initiative, which serves as a platform for information exchange, giving partners from funding and research institutions the opportunity to coordinate their activities.

The idea behind the EIGs is to use the considerable experience from past and ongoing FP7 ERA-Nets and BILATs for future multilateral collaboration with the respective target countries, such as Korea and Japan. EIGs serve as a discussion and networking forum to define cooperation areas, maintain a strategic dialogue, exchange information and synchronise programmes.

Through the EIG new programmatic approaches without EC funding shall be developed. The outcomes of the EIG meetings can be fed into discussions at the EU level, and likewise EIG meetings can present an opportunity to share information from the EU level talks with Japan or Korea.

What are the goals for the upcoming years?

  • The EIG continues to meet at least once a year.
  • Delegates from the EU shall be regular attendees.
  • Partners shall sign a confirmation of participation form (not legally binding).
  • New partners shall be attracted to the EIG (not only KONNECT, JEUPISTE or CONCERNT Japan partners).
  • Partners will rotate in organising the meetings (rotating presidency).
  • Information about the meetings and their outcomes will be disseminated broadly.
  • The EIG will develop a roadmap including a time plan and responsibilities for upcoming joint activities.
  • One concrete activity (joint call, workshops, matchmaking events, exchange programs, information events etc.) per year is anticipated.

Please use the following registration link if you would like to participate in the meeting on 15-16 February 2017 in The Hague.

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