International campaign for the city of the future

Urban population is growing globally and with this, the challenges that cities have to face are increasing: the rising consumption of energy and resources, the increasing need to adapt urban infrastructure and develop new urban mobility systems and much more.

Logo Research in Germany

How should cities of the future look like?

Worldwide research is being conducted on this subject. Also, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) addresses this question. During the national German Year of Science 2015 “Future city” new possibilities of civic participation were developed which demonstrate how citizens in Germany are involved in shaping the future of their cities in collaboration with scientists. On international level “Future City” is also a topic of growing interest. Starting in 2016, the BMBF supports the development of innovative solutions for sustainable urban development within the framework of international research marketing. Innovators from Germany are supported in expanding their international network, finding cooperation partners and presenting themselves internationally.

Focus of the campaign

The campaign focusses on the target countries China, Colombia, India, the United States and Vietnam.

The main topics are:

  • Energy, resources & infrastructure systems
  • mobility and flow of goods
  • data, information basics & knowledge
  • interface technologies

The campaign is currently being designed and prepared at the International Bureau.