Sino-EU PerMed and IC2PerMed: First Joint Newsletter

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The projects Sino-EU PerMed and IC2PerMed funded by the European Commission have published a joint newsletter on European and Chinese communication and cooperation in research and implementation on personalised medicine. The newsletter provides information on the joint kick-off meeting, the websites of the two projects in English and Chinese, the mapping of personalised medicine expertise in the two regions, and current and upcoming activities. You can find the newsletter on the projects' websites:

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The concept of Personalised Medicine is based on a multidisciplinary approach in which expertise and data from different disciplines are collected, analysed and combined. To promote research, funding and implementation of Personalised Medicine in healthcare systems, more than 30 ministries and research funders joined forces back in 2016 to form the International Consortium for Personalized Medicine (ICPerMed). Nearly 50 national and regional research funders and ministries from 30 countries - for example, from Europe, Brazil, Canada and Israel - as well as the EU Commission are participating.

Since 2020, ICPerMed internationalisation activities are now focussing on China by the two projects Sino-EU PerMed and IC2PerMed. The aim of these projects is, on the one hand, to identify Chinese decision-makers and sponsors and to involve them in ICPerMed, and on the other hand, to gain a better understanding of topics and developments in Personalised Medicine in both regions.

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