EULAC Focus was concluded in November 2019. The project analysed the bi-regional relationship between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean. DLR-PT was the leader of the scientific dimension within this the Horizon 2020 project. DLR's summary concluded more than three years of work. 

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EULAC Focus aimed not only to compile a comprehensive inventory of the biregional cooperation but also to reinforce the cultural, scientific and social dimensions of EU-CELAC relations and to reinvigorate the strategic partnership.

Partners from both regions joined forces to ensure that cross-cutting issues were observed simultaneously in all three dimensions of the partnership, namely: fostering mobility, reducing inequality, preserving and respecting diversity, as well as promoting sustainability.

In addition, the project analysed the EU’s legal system and its role in international relations. Its goal was to gain a deeper understanding of LAC perspectives and to propose feasible changes in EU policy.

The scientific dimension considered an extensive list of topics. This involved, among others, the analysis of instruments, past and present Framework Programmes, top-down processes, digitalisation, open access, science mobility, co-publication tendencies, and research infrastructures.

In a final step, the scientific dimension was concluded by proposing a set of high impact actions and initiatives to strengthen and enhance the cooperation. The final deliverable of the scientific dimension – as well as the cultural and social dimensions deliverables – can be found in the “Key Publications” section of the project website.