Annual Internationalisation Report 2015

The new report „Germany’s international collaboration in education and research – Priorities for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and selected science organisations” (“Annual Internationalisation Report 2015”) has been released in November 2016. It was developed by the DLR Project Management Agency on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.

cover annual report 2015

In view of the ever increasing importance of international cooperation, the report analyses current priorities for main actors of the German science system. The report has the objective of accompanying the implementation of the Federal Government’s internationalisation strategy adopted in 2008 and of the "International Cooperation Action Plan" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research from 2014.

The analysis shows a high level of dynamism in three areas: The first is that the German scientific organisations have been intensively involved with strategic issues of internationalisation in the past seven years. An important result of this process is the adoption of (organisation-specific) internationalisation strategies. The second is that selected, existing funding and cooperation instruments were made available specifically for international collaboration. The third is above all that numerous internationalisation instruments were newly developed and tested.

The Report is available for download in PDF format in a  German and in anEnglish version.