Toolkit for responsible research

From now on, the RRI Toolkit (Responsible Research and Innovation) will support researchers in dealing with ethical and social questions.

RRT-Tools Screenshot

© RRI Tools project

How can consumers become involved in developing climate protection concepts? Should robots be used in old-age care? Researchers at universities and in companies frequently deal with these and similar ethical and social questions as part of the research and development work. Now they have the support of an online toolkit, the new “RRI Toolkit”.

Many institutions from 30 European countries were involved in its development. Wissenschaftsladen Bonn e.V. (WILA Bonn) co-supervised the development of the “RRI Toolkit”. The project, which lasted three years and is now in its final stages, was funded by the EU.

The “RRI Toolkit” is an interactive library containing manuals, videos, practical examples etc. which offer scientists across Europe suggestions on how to e.g. include social and ethical considerations in their projects.

Other topics, such as equal opportunities of the sexes or public access to knowledge, are also taken into account in the “RRI Toolkit”. The “self-reflection tool” is also likely to be of interest to researchers.

The toolkit can be accessed under