Quick guide to the KfW Development Bank

This guide (in German) was compiled as part of the support scheme Assistance for Implementation (AIM) commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and is directed at people who are working on technical and conceptual solutions for developing and emerging countries as part of R&D projects funded by the BMBF.

Cover KfW quick guide

The implementation and dissemination of these solutions is often associated with sizeable infrastructural investments that are not usually part of the R&D plans. Bilateral or multilateral development banks such as the KfW Development Bank can however provide funds for the development of such infrastructures in the BMBF's partner countries. There have been numerous cooperative projects with the KfW Development Bank in particular since the AIM scheme got under way. However, basic knowledge of the KfW Development Bank’s work is a prerequisite for entering into dialogue with it. This guide is intended as an introduction.


Download guide to the KfW Development Bank (in German, PDF, 650 KB)