PRIMA – Information Event on the 2nd Call

Following the first call of the new international funding initiative PRIMA in February 2018, the second call for project proposals will already be published in November 2018. PRIMA stands for 'Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area'. The programme aims to effectively address the challenges of the Mediterranean in terms of agri-food systems and water shortages through research and innovation.

Thursday, 11. October 2018* | 10 am to 3 pm | Bonn, Germany

On behalf of the BMBF, the DLR Project Management Agency organises an information event on the second round of calls under the  PRIMA initiative, covering eligibility prerequisites, topics and application procedures. The event is aimed at interested applicants from science and industry as well as multipliers. Venue:

DLR Project Management Agency, Heinrich-Konen-Str. 5, 53227 Bonn-Oberkassel
Room 0.018

The agenda of the information event includes:

  • background and structure of the measure
  • participation requirements
  • contents of the second work plan (Annual Work Plan 2019)
  • application procedure at international level
  • application procedure at national level

The preliminary agenda is available for download  here. Please note that parts of the event will be held in German.

To register, please use our online form (registration form in German only).
The registration will be open until 25 September 2018.

Unfortunately, travel expenses can not be reimbursed. Please note that the number of participants is limited. After successful registration, participation confirmations will be sent from 24 September 2018 onwards.


For all registration inquiries, please get in touch with:

Dorothee Tonhauser
Phone: +49 228 3821 1056

Regarding scope and content of the event, please contact:

Birgit Wirsing
Phone: +49 228 3821 2396

Birgit Ditgens
Phone: +49 228 3821 2396

General Information about PRIMA

A total of 19 countries in Europe and the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean and the European Commission participate in PRIMA, a measure under Art. 185 TFEU. Participating countries include eleven EU Member States (Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Cyprus) and eight Mediterranean partner countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey).

The total budget for PRIMA amounts to just under € 500 million over the 10-year period, with the European Union contributing € 220 million (from Horizon 2020) and the 19 participating countries € 274 million in total. The German contribution to PRIMA amounts to € 20 million.

Further details about PRIMA are available here and on the programme's website:

* We reserve the right to cancel the event, should the minimum number of participants not be reached 7 days before the event. In this case registered participants will be notified at least 7 days before the event. An event cancellation for any other reason will be announced as early as possible. Travel arrangements including hotel reservations / bookings are the sole responsibility of the participants. We do not provide any compensation in the event of cancellation.