International Years of Science

In 2008, the German Federal Government finalised its strategy for the internationalisation of science and research. The International Years of Science, which have taken place since 2007, are a tool to implement this strategy. The partners so far have been Egypt, Israel, China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa and Turkey.

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The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has realised seven bilateral Years of Science with strategically important partner countries since 2007. The focus is on cooperation in research and education and the excellence of the two science locations, whose visibility is increased with the help of Years of Science. During the Year of Science, research and educational institutions in the two countries are invited to present their joint projects to the general public, to strengthen the exchange of young scientists and to foster cooperations. The BMBF uses large-scale communication campaigns - including ideas competitions, special publications and websites showing event calendars - to promote the sustainable effect of the varied activities during the Years of Science.