German-Vietnamese Science Days in Danang

Vietnam and Germany have been working together successfully in research and development for many years. Developing sustainable environmental technologies for scarce resources, adapting urban areas to climate change, aligning the economy to be bio-based, protecting Vietnam’s rich biodiversity, and making the health sector fit for challenges regarding infectious diseases are just examples of fields of action in which researchers from both countries have been cooperating and jointly developing solutions over the last few years.

The joint Science Days on 26 and 27 April 2023 in Danang will offer the opportunity to honour what has been achieved so far and, based on specialist workshops and panel discussions with participants from science, industry, politics and administration, to consider how synergies between the individual stakeholders can be used even better to develop market ready products and services.

Project participants from universities, research institutions and industry as well as representatives from ministries, research and intermediary organisations, development cooperation companies, political foundations and the German Embassy in Hanoi will take part in the event.

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