Qualification Workshop I - "The Future of Work"

This interactive qualification workshop marks the launch of a four-part workshop series aimed at the 10 funded research networks of the international BMBF research marketing campaign "The Future of Work". The event is intended to qualify the networks through accompanying training offers on topics of international research marketing and thus to sustainably professionalise their activities.

20 May 2019 | DLR-PT Grenanderhaus, Berlin

The qualification workshop enables a first acquaintance and mutual exchange regarding planned activities of the funded research networks in the target countries France, Japan and USA. The event will focus on the presentation and application of the communication concept under the brand "Research in Germany". In addition, individual exercise sessions will be held to develop a performance and benefit promise, as well as discuss effective relationship management and a target group-oriented approach.

(closed event, participation by invitation only)


Jennifer Neumann
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