STARS 1st Regulatory Science Stakeholder Workshop

In order for promising innovations in the medical field to reach patients quickly, it is important to understand and apply regulatory science. In particular, academic researchers need to be familiar with regulatrory requirements and instruments and apply them at an early stage. The EU project STARS (Strengthening Training of Academia in Regulatory Science) analyses the current situation and develops strategies to improve training in the field of regulatory science.

The first stakeholder workshop of the project will bring together all important stakeholders, including academic researchers, representatives of national health care systems and health ministries, patient representatives, pharmaceutical industry, leading academic societies and national and European funding agencies in order to exchange ideas on the following lead topics:

  • Challenges and opportunities to academia for early consideration of regulatory requirements
  • Communication of Stakeholders on European and national level
  • Towards an improved regulatory support for academia – best practice and challenges
  • Concept of pre-grant advice

The knowledge gained will inform a common strategy for future training programmes developed by the STARS project. A follow-up workshop is planned for the end of 2021.

Additional Information

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