German Science Day in Vietnam

Germany and Vietnam are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their scientific and technological cooperation, which has intensified in recent years, in 2017. For this reason, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam will hold a German Science Day on 1 March 2017, in cooperation with the DAAD and the International Bureau of the DLR Project Management Agency.

1 March 2017 | Ho Chi Minh City

Up to now, bilateral research projects have concentrated mainly on the north of Vietnam. After a first successful German Science Day 2015 in Hanoi, the interested scientific community in South Vietnam is now brought to the attention of the various possibilities of cooperation with Germany. The German Science Day presents exemplary bilateral projects in the fields of water and environmental technologies, sustainable urban development, bioeconomy and health research. In addition, both ministries and other German funding institutions provide funding for new joint project ideas.

The second part of the German Science Days is devoted to the future campaign "Shaping the Future - Building the City of Tomorrow" of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Five German universities and research institutes will present their applied research portfolio to solve urgent problems in fast-growing cities to get in contact with potential cooperation partners in Vietnam. This topic is of great importance to Vietnam, as Vietnamese cities are faced not only with great challenges by an unrestrained move and the associated problems, such as sustainable water and energy supplies, but are also particularly affected by climate change. German and Vietnamese decision-makers will also discuss, in wich areas of urban development the need for international research partnerships is highest.


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