DWIH Conference "CityScapes"

In the past few decades, promising economic opportunities and living conditions have fueled migration from rural areas to urban centres. This continuous human influx into the cities has had an unprecedented impact on land, water, and energy resources, and overburdened man-made infrastructures. The upcoming “DWIH Conference: CityScapes” in New Delhi will address these and other pressing issues in the form of lectures, panel discussions and book reading.

The “CityScapes” conference will be hosted by the German House for Research and Innovation (DWIH) in New Delhi.

The German Houses of Research and Innovation (DWIH) provide a platform for the German research and innovation landscape, showcasing the accomplishments of German science, research, and research-based companies and promoting international collaboration. They are part of the Internationalisation Strategy of the German Federal Government.

The upcoming event in New Delhi will also host the award ceremony of the German-Indian ideas competition “From waste to resource – how can we turn garbage into gold?”. The ideas competition marked the start of the international campaign “Shaping the Future – Building the City of Tomorrow” by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). This campaign focuses on the question of how cities can be maintained as viable, sustainable living spaces.

Ideas for dealing with the waste disposal problem in Indian cities were requested and submitted between 27 April and 10 July 2016. A top-class jury representing the fields of German and Indian politics, business, science and society chose the two most innovative ideas. The prize winners are:

  • Ms. Poonam Bir Kasturi from India with her idea of a “Community Composter”: This
    composter, which is intended to convert organic waste into nutrient-rich fertiliser in Indian residential units, subscribes to the motto “Make waste visible and beautiful”.
  • Ms. Isabella Aberle from Germanyconvinced the jury with her idea “Virtual Reality of a Cleaner India”: She wants to have people in India immerse themselves in the virtual reality of their country and experience a clean India.

For more details about “CityScapes” visit: http://www.dwih.in/CityScapes


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