Recent advancement in online/remote water quality monitoring and management technologies

This Indo-German Science and Technology workshop intends to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in water and waste water quality monitoring technologies with focus on online and remote methods in various spatial scales and for different contaminants and contaminant sources.

Indien | 02. – 04.02.2016 Chennai

Water with appropriate quality is important for human consumption and social-economic development in general. However the deterioration of the water quality has now reached a level of critical global concern. The rapid growth of population calling for an increase in water demand is coupled with industrial, agricultural and domestic pollution threatens freshwater sources and the oceans. Fertilizers, pesticides, effluents discharged from industries and domestic sewage water are the main contaminants of the water system. Both, the increasing demand for water, on the one hand, and the decrease in the availability and deteriorating quality, on the other, have become matters of serious concern in India and Germany.

The chemical composition of water is a measure of its suitability as a source of water for human and animal consumption, irrigation, and for industrial and other purposes. Contaminant loads are influencing the resilience of ecosystems. Both, contaminant composition and load influences aquatic life, health and ecosystems functions, so it is important to detect change and early warnings of change in both, natural systems and those resulting from pollution to enable compliance with environmental regulations.

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