Development of a multifunctional selenium-based pharmaceutical as a targeted drug-release system

The joint research project of the Russian company medbiopharm and its German partner marcotech oHG is an application-oriented undertaking.

Drug tubes

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General information

  • Project partners:
    • Marcotech oHG/Prof. Lothar Heinrich
    • Medbiopharm/Dr Rakhimdzhan Roziev
  • Project period: The project was completed in June 2011

Within the framework of the project, the two companies developed a multifunctional selenium-based pharmaceutical that can be used as a targeted drug-release system for the controlled release of medication.

Selenium is an important trace element that is used in pharmaceutical preparations for the prevention of tumours. The project partners used its antioxidant effect as part of a targeted drug-release system to protect healthy tissue during radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments. The Russian company boasts expertise in the development and production of bioactive substances and in biomedical tests. With its long-standing experience in the field of nanotechnologies, mechanochemistry and analytical methodology, the German company made a vital contribution to the success of the project. The Russian company medbiopharm has since set up a branch in Germany in order to realise the drug-release system together with its German partners.