Science Diplomacy: S4D4C’s 1st Global Meeting

The EU project ‘Using Science for/in Diplomacy for Addressing Global Challenges’ (S4D4C) supports science diplomacy as a means to foster the EU’s foreign policy goals. The 1st S4D4C Global Meeting ‘EU Science Diplomacy Beyond 2020’ will discuss global challenges from a multidisciplinary approach, bringing onboard the experience of scientists, diplomats, policy-makers, and civil servants who work in the cross-boundary professional field known as science diplomacy.

12 - 14 December 2018 | Madrid, Spain

Experts from across the world will join in Madrid to discuss global challenges from a multidisciplinary approach. Together, they aim to develop perspectives on science diplomacy.

This will not only include the view points of countries that are traditionally leading in this area, but perspectives from emerging and developing economies that are taking crucial steps towards establishing a coordinated science diplomacy effort. The global dialogue is intended to facilitate and structure the discussion on EU science diplomacy.

Registration is now open. Follow the links to find information on the programme, and check out the speakers’ corner, which is continuously updated with more details.

Learn more about  the S4D4C project and its role in science diplomacy and the EU’s foreign policy goals.

Contact persons

Maria Josten
Tel.: +49 228 3821 1415

Nadia Meyer
Tel.: +49 228 3821 2010