Mobile operations and coordination centre for rescue teams in crisis zones

During disaster relief operations, it is particularly important to obtain as quickly as possible data and information from the scene that will enable the rescue teams to ensure optimal coordination and to communicate situation reports. Due to the different radio systems of the individual aid organisations on the scene, this can often be difficult these days.

Magnetic CB body antenna

Magnetic CB body antenna – © Antennentechnik ABB Bad Blankenburg AG, 2012

General information

  • Project partners:
    • Antennentechnik ABB Bad Blankenburg AG/Dr Yuri Bulbin
    • OOO Incom
  • Project period: 01/10/2009 - 30/09/2011

This joint project between the German company Antennentechnik ABB Bad Blankenburg AG and the small Russian firm OOO Incom, therefore established a standardised communication platform, which enables simultaneous and real-time information exchange (voice and data) between all rescuers, despite technical differences in the individual radio systems of the rescue services. For this, mobile transmitting and receiving stations were positioned at the edge of a disaster zone. These serve as liaison points between the functioning, unaffected areas and the disaster zone itself.

Einsatzweste im Einsatz und Computerscreen

Left to right: Field test result in Tomsk; Rescue worker at the field tests in Tomsk; Magnetic CB body antenna – © Antennentechnik ABB Bad Blankenburg AG, 2012

With so-called “body antennae”, rescue workers and volunteers can be quickly and easily linked in and coordinated via a GPS system. The transmitter can be positioned in any jacket, pullover or similar piece of clothing. Even vehicles such as trucks can be actively included in the aid system in this way. To make this possible, a database and coordination software were developed for recording the radio networks used and a GPS transmission system was created.

Other potential partners from Germany and Russia have already been contacted.