Future Campaigns

To ensure that Germany remains competitive in research and innovation, it must cooperate with countries that have significant scientific and technological resources and in which important future markets are developing. Theme and country-specific advertising campaigns are being conducted to show Germany’s attractiveness as a location. Named “Shaping the Future – Connect with German Science”, they aim to raise international awareness and strengthen Germany’s global image as a research hub.

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The BMBF’s current international future campaign “Shaping the Future – Building the City of Tomorrow” builds on the theme of the national Year of Science and has been continuing the City of the Future concept at an international level since spring 2016.

The first advertising campaign - a pilot campaign aimed at South Korea - ran from 2006-2008. In 2009/2010, India was the target country of a country campaign on research marketing. Two topic-specific campaigns for environmental technologies and nanotechnologies were also implemented successfully, as was the campaign on resource efficiency in production, which was completed successfully in June 2012. These were followed by a campaign focusing on medical technology (2011-2013) and a country campaign for Russia (2012-2014).

Here you will find an overview of current and past future campaigns that were carried out successfully to advertise Germany as a location: