EURAXESS Worldwide (formerly called EURAXESS Links)

Since January 2013 the DLR Project Management Agency (DLR-PT) has been entrusted with the coordination of the EURAXESS Worldwide initiative by the European Commission. EURAXESS Worldwide – one of the pillars of the ERA-initiative EURAXESS – connects European researchers abroad as well as non-European researchers interested in a career in the EU.


Due to the positive development of the project in the project phase 2013 to 2015, the European Commission has contracted DLR-PT to coordinate the EURAXESS Worldwide initiative once again in the current phase, 2016 to 2019.

Background information

EURAXESS Worldwide is a networking tool for European researchers working outside Europe and non-European researchers wishing to pursue a research career or collaborate with partners in Europe. It has thus far been launched in Japan, China and India, as well as in ASEAN (with focus on Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam) and North America (encompassing the USA and Canada). As of March 2017, the Brazil network was expanded to also cater to researchers in Latin America and the Caribbean (short: EURAXESS LAC). A new EURAXESS Worldwide network will be launched in South Korea in July 2018.

Change of name

As of November 2016, the European Commission has renamed the EURAXESS Links initiative to EURAXESS Worldwide in line with the new EURAXESS portal launched in mid-November 2016.

EURAXESS Worldwide provides information about research in Europe, European research policy, opportunities for research funding, for international collaboration and for individual trans-national mobility.


The objective of EURAXESS Worldwide is to maintain the link of Europe with European and non-European researchers, scientists and scholars abroad thus rendering them an important resource for European research and for stimulating scientific cooperation between Europe and the third-countries where they live and work.

The multidisciplinary network involves researchers at all stages of their careers and allows them to become well connected amongst themselves and with Europe, ensuring that they are recognized as an important resource for the European Research Area, whether they remain abroad or choose to return. Through the success of the network, EURAXESS Worldwide is intended to contribute to the improvement of Europe's position in the global competition for talent, and the reinforcement of research collaboration.

EURAXESS Worldwide Network

The EURAXESS Worldwide Network is built up and maintained by EURAXESS Country and Regional Representatives within the following countries and regions:

  • ASEAN1) 
    As for now, the regional network encompasses Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam; more countries of the ASEAN are expected to join over the next years.
  • LAC2) 
    The Brazil network was launched in May 2013 and expanded to all of Latin America and the Caribbean in March 2017.
  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • North America (USA and Canada)
  • South Korea (from July 2018)

1) ASEAN stands for “Association of South-East Asian Nations”

 2) LAC stands for “Latin America and the Caribbean”