The Internet portal for the German-Israeli research cooperation has a new layout

The English language Internet portal for the German-Israeli cooperation in research and technology CoGerIl ( has recently been published. The portal, which is maintained by the International Bureau of the BMBF, offers comprehensive information on cooperation and funding opportunities regarding the German-Israeli collaboration.



The aim of the Internet portal is to combine various possibilities for the cooperation between German and Israeli researchers on one platform. Hereby, the focus is laid on information concerning the BMBF funding programme, particularly with emphasis on Israel. Examples are the programmes “Water Technology”, “Marine Research”, the “BioDisc” programme in the field of biotechnologies and also the programme “Research for Civil Security”. These programmes are intended for established scientist as well as young scientists and doctoral candidates. offers moreover information and links to other funding programmes, such as the German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF), the German-Israeli Project Cooperation (DIP), the Martin Buber Society of Fellows - Endowment for the Humanities and Cultural and Social Sciences, and to programmes of the Minerva Foundation.

Additionally, the portal includes also information on current call for proposals for the German-Israeli research group.

Furthermore, the platform gives information on the research landscapes in Germany and Israel, important contact details as well as links to additional information.

You can find the Internet portal at


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