India and Germany to collaborate on R&D in Biotechnology

June 18, Bangalore, India - The German Federal Government has launched a campaign titled “India and Germany- Strategic Partners for Innovation” to enable and facilitate mutually beneficial R&D collaborations between Indian and German R&D institutions and companies.


The campaign will present German research institutions, competence networks and companies that are active in the field of R&D as participants in ongoing events and exhibitions in India.  The collaborative R&D will be in areas like biotechnology, energy, health research, production technologies and environmental technologies.

The Campaign was highlighted at the BioBangalore held in Bangalore recently. 18 German  Delegates from the Industry, Bio Regions and Universities participated at the Bangalore Bio. On the 17th June, a Nertworking Dinner with Indian guests was held which was attending by more than 60 representatives of Indian Biotech Industry, Institutions Media. The German Stand at the Bangalore Bio won the prize for the best “Innovation and Design”.

Anandi Iyer, Representative of the BMBF campaign in India said “Though India and Germany have been collaborating for a long time, the relationship lacked a proper framework. This initiative is intended primarily to intensify the cooperation between the two countries. We would like to introduce German competence in the field of Biotechnology and related fields to our Indian partners so as to encourage mutually beneficial partnerships. We would like the partnerships to be in business, academia and R&D”.

Indian businesses and R&D collaborating with their German partners will benefit from access to a continent which has a single currency and visa system. Despite the global economic slowdown, Germany also has the strongest economy in Europe.

Some of the projects that were showcased at the BioBangalore, 18 – 20 June in Bangalore are:

  • The BioRegioN – The network “Life Science Niedersachsen Goes India (LSNI)” is working to deepen existing partnerships and to create new ones with institutes and companies in the Life Science sector in India. Under the joint theme „Improving Quality of Life,“ the network combines partners with outstanding expertise in infection research, including diagnostics, vaccine development, novel recombinant Protein Expression and transfection technologies, sustainable management of resources and bioinformatics.
  • BIO Mitteldeutschland – The Life Science Cluster Central Germany is a group of life-science companies and scientific and educational institutions that is building networks of collaboration with Indian life science and pharmaceutical companies through the project “BioSPIn: Biotechnology-Sustainable Partnering India. The region of central Germany covers the complete value chain for enzyme screening, optimisation and production of enzymes. Companies screen, evaluate, tune and produce biocatalysts, and they work to process and improve yields of tailor-made APIs.
    Regenerative Medicine Initiative Germany – The RMIG is a network of high ranking research institutions, clusters and business in the field of regenerative medicine in Germany ranging from biological material research, stem cell biology to molecular imaging and tissue engineering. The RMIG presents a co-ordination and communication platform on a national and international level that is open to all professionals and representatives of the affiliated organizations of the regenerative medicine in Germany. 
  •  “Kompetenznetze Deutschland” – is the "club of the best innovation networks” of the Federal Republic of Germany and advances the networking between industry and research, supports the development of (also internationally) recognisable clusters and concentrates information about Germany’smost powerful competence networks, about the most important economic topics and about innovative regions.
  • VBU –is the Industry Association for Biotech Companies in Germany. VBU organises Delegations, Seminars and platforms for Cooperation for its members.
  • IBA GmbH –  is a dynamic biotech company offering technologies, products and services from “gene to protein”.  IBA has extended its Strep-tag technology from protein isolation to the isolation of T-cells (Streptamer® technology for research and clinical use) and is extending this approach to other cell types and applications like apoptosis research.
  • BIOBASE GmbH – is the leading content provider for biological databases, knowledge tools and software for the life science industry. BIOBASE rationalizes drug development time & costs and improves the quality and outcome of drug development research.
  • The German Academic Exchange programme showcasing the Institutions and the programmes for facilitating exchange of Students.