"German-Turkish Year of Research, Education and Innovation 2014 – Science Bridging Nations" – Funding announcement

On 18 September 2014 the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) published a so-called ideas competition to announce funding. The aim of the competition is to increase awareness of German-Turkish cooperation in research, education and innovation during the course of the Year of Science. Funding is provided for events, advertising campaigns and programmes in the multimedia sector that meet these requirements. The German-Turkish Year of Research, Education and Innovation is scheduled to begin in January 2014.


This funding announcement should enable German universities, non-academic research institutes, industrial companies operating in Germany and other institutions that contribute to research to receive support so that their German-Turkish projects can be brought closer to the public. The participation of Turkish partners in these measures is expressly desired.

The permitted duration of proposed actions is up to 14 months and they may be funded by a maximum of 40,000 euros. Sponsored conferences, exhibitions, symposiums and events in other formats may take place in both countries and should aim to reach as broad an audience of industry experts as possible.

The call for proposals is open until 30 April 2014. The first deadline for the submission of project outlines is 31 October 2013. Further details on the objectives and content of the funding announcement and procedure can be found at http://www.internationales-buero.de/de/6440.php.

The BMBF has entrusted the project management agency at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), International Bureau, with processing these funding measures.

Please contact the project sponsor for advice on your application:

Scientific officers:

Nadia Meyer
Tel.: +49-228-3821 2010
E-mail: nadia.meyer@dlr.de

Dr Oliver Dilly
Tel.: +49-228-3821 1470
E-mail: oliver.dilly@dlr.de

The German-Turkish Year of Science

The German-Turkish Year of Research, Education and Innovation 2014 with the motto "Science Bridging Nations" is a joint initiative of the BMBF and the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (MoSIT). The celebratory opening event will take place on 23 January 2014 in Berlin.

Amongst the objectives of the German-Turkish Year of Science are increasing the visibility of the diversity and excellence of German-Turkish activities in research, education and innovation, establishing new partnerships and making better use of joint innovation potential. This should help develop the next generation of young scientists in both countries, leading to greater qualitative progress in terms of cooperation.

This is already the seventh Year of Science organised by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The following International Years of Science have previously taken place:

  • German-Egyptian Year of Science and Technology 2007 – "Linking Scientific Masterminds"
  • German-Israeli Year of Science and Technology 2008 – "Science as Diplomacy of Trust"
  • German-Chinese Year of Science and Education 2009/2010 – "Together Towards Knowledge"
  • German-Brazilian Year of Science, Technology and Innovation 2010/11 – "sustainable:innovative"
  • German-Russian Year of Education, Science and Innovation 2011/12 – "Partnership of Ideas"
  • German-South African Year of Science 2012/2013: "Enhancing research partnerships for innovation and sustainable development"