Closing event for the Russia national campaign – looking back and to the future

The national campaign for Russia from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has been running since March 2012, with the aim of raising the profile of German top-level research and technology in Russia even further and of forming new cooperation initiatives across Russia with German partners. The campaign has succeeded in these aims on many levels over the last two years and it is set to draw to a close on 27 March 2014 in Moscow.


The event is aimed at German and Russian participants specifically invited to attend. These include representatives from the BMBF and the Russian Ministry of Education and Science (MON) as well as representatives from the relevant universities and research and intermediary organisations. In addition to presenting information on the aims already achieved, the event will also be used as an opportunity to plan future activities, thereby strengthening the scientific collaboration between Germany and Russia.

The four German networks supported as part of the national campaign, NanoBRIDGE, Light4LIFE, ENNA and SOJUS Bioenergie, are organising specialist forums on the topics of nanotechnology, optical technologies and environmental technology/bioeconomics. German projects will present their work during a collaboration exchange on the topic of health.