Annual Report (Jahresbericht) of the International Bureau 2010

The annual report covers the areas of work and key services of the International Bureau (IB) in 2010. The further development of the internationalization strategy of the German federal government has changed and broadened perspectives for the IB's work.


The globalization of society and economy confronts national resaerch and education systems with new challenges.

The German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) has started an initiative for internationalisation in 2008. This can be seen as a framework for the support world-wide activities of German science and research in numerous programmes and projects. The International Bureau (IB) supports the BMBF in setting both into action, the Internationalisation and the Hightech Strategy.


The annual report informs in German on 74 pages about IB's activities in 2010 and can be downloades as screen readable PDF download (or as print version).


More detailed information about the IB can be found here.