• Nachwuchswissenschaftlerin im Labor | © Zebo Kudratova

    Molecular Diagnosis and Epidemiology of Leishmaniasis

    Leishmaniasis is one of the six most significant tropical diseases: It is caused by single-celled parasites that are transmitted from sandflies to humans and that use various animals as reservoirs. A cooperation project funded by the BMBF investigated the serious increase in leishmaniasis cases in Armenia and Uzbekistan. > more

  • Zuckerrohrverarbeitung in Südafrika @ Shiyin Müller, SRMI

    Gentle skin care thanks to sugar cane waste

    The European cosmetics industry has a growing interest in raw materials from renewable resources. One of these is levulinic acid. South Africa seeks to enhance the value chain of its sugar cane industry. This  BMBF funded cooperation project developed a process in which a gentle catalysis method is used to produce levulinic acid from sugar cane waste. > more

  • Multiaxiale Hexapod-Prüfanlage an der TU Hamburg-Harburg © Jan Oltmann

    German-Singaporean cooperation on composite materials

    Fiber composite materials are very versatile in their combination of lightness and stability. In this BMBF funded project, a team of partners from Germany and Singapore investigated the resilience of fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP) for the construction of aircraft cabin interiors and the extraction of oil from the deep sea. > more

  • Vulkan Villarrica © Eva Schill

    Exploring the geothermal energy potential of volcanic systems

    Chile has the largest geothermal resources worldwide, mostly associated with active volcanism. Theoretically, nearly the entire electrical power supply of the country could be provided from already known deposits. The BMBF funded MultiGeoEx project investigated usage options in the Southern Volcanic Zone of Chile. > more

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BMBF trade fair booth at the POL-ECO-SYSTEM 2018 in Poznan

BMBF booth © Marion Mienert / DLR

BMBF presents German environment networks in Poland

POL-ECO-SYSTEM is an international environmental trade fair in Poland, the largest and most important event of its kind in Eastern Europe. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) presents German research institutions and companies under the heading "German Networks for the Environment - Innovative Projects for the Future".

> more: BMBF presents German environment networks in Poland .

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Green Talents 2018

Green Talents 2018 © DLR / Konvex Fotografie

Green Talents 2018 on Tour in Germany

Outstanding green visionaries from all over the world meet Germany´s sustainability research elite on a two-week science tour in October starting today.

> more: Green Talents 2018 on Tour in Germany .

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Tehran in winter © Alexander / Fotolia

BMBF-DFG Info Tour to Iran

Together with the German Research Foundation, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research organised an information tour to Iran from 8 to 14 September with the participation of the Volkswagen Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service and the DLR Project Management Agency.

> more: BMBF-DFG Info Tour to Iran.