Internationalisation of Vocational Education and Training

Since January 2017 the new working group 'Internationalisation of Vocational Education and Training' has been supporting the Federal Ministry of Ecudacion and Research (BMBF) with its activities in international VET cooperation.

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This includes the implementation of a new funding initiative of the same name, contributing to the development of the Federal Government's strategy 'One-stop VET cooperation', monitoring bilateral VET cooperations and strategy projects of the BMBF as well as public relations activities and thematic communication.

The 'Internationalisation of Vocational Education and Training' is a new independent assignment of the BMBF and thus no longer part of the 'International Bureau'. The DLR Project Management Agency, which supports the ministry in its many tasks, has been commissioned with both of these mandates. 

 A new website on the 'Internationalisation of VET' will be launched soon. Until then we thank you for your patience.


Dr Annette Münzenberg
Head of Unit
Telephone: +49 228 3821 1441


Hannes Barske
Telephone: +49 228 3821 1819