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First "Turkey Autumn" in Cologne

Lord Mayor Roters opens "Turkey Week" with University Chancellor Dr. Stückradt and Herrn Metzger of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The first "Turkey Autumn" brings a multitude of events in the areas of economics, science and culture to Cologne. This program aims to make a contribution to an exchange and to deepening German-Turkish relationships.

The twinning association Cologne-Istanbul is taking part with, among other things, a versatile program ranging from a cabaret evening to a presentation about the political situation in Turkey after the last presidential elections. The Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum features a lyrical and musical journey of the artist Monika von Starck as well as the musicians Tuna Ufuk Sagay and Hüseyin Mehmetoglu under the title "One Week in Istanbul".

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  • Results of the Africa days of the BMBF

    After the success of the Africa days of the BMBF which took place in Berlin from March 16 to March 18, the results of the conference are now available. Besides some impressions on film, the results of the Africa days can now be downloaded in form of a brochure.
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  • Science bridging nations – the people behind the Science Network

    Introduce yourself, share ideas, create new partnerships and stay in touch! You are invited to introduce yourself, your institution and your field of research to other scientists from Germany, Turkey and other countries.
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  • Further News

    Here you can find more articles, press releases, etc. about events and activities of the International Bureau.
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